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Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Water Pump Self Bleeding Kit

Arctic Cat Wildcat XX Water Pump Self Bleeding Kit

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The Speedwerx Self Bleeding Kit is a simple fix for the Wildcat XX water pump issues. Air in the system can cause the water pump to cavitate and when a rush of coolant comes back in with the engine turning thousands of RPM, the stock impeller will spin on the shaft and fail causing the engine to overheat because it can no longer move the coolant through the system. This kit lets the air in the system work it's way to the overflow tank by itself, so there's no need to worry if you've purged the system properly, or to purchase expensive aftermarket water pumps or impellers to protect yourself from a failure caused by an air bubble. This kit is race proven with the stock water pumps by the Speedwerx team in short course, cross country, and endurance racing!

Arctic Cat Wildcat XX

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