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Mother Clutcher aftermarket primary clutch made as a OE style Kawasaki primary (aka drive) Brute Force clutch.
Fits ALL years Kawasaki Brute Force 750.

This clutch is made and pre-tuned just for Kawasaki Brute Force 750, unlike other aftermarket ones.

Comes correct for ready to bolt on and ride with weights and spring already in it! This clutch comes with the 2012-2022 Brute Force 750 equivalent weights and spring in it so it's the same specs new replacement when putting on 2012-2022 BF 750 BUT also a bolt-on upgrade when going on any 2005-2011 Brute Force 750.

The 2005-2007 BF 750's used the skinny weights clutch design and this clutch updates it to the 2008+ wider weights. The 2008-2011 had the wider weights design but still had a very short spring that barely put pressure on the metal cover which made the 2005-2011 clutches often compress down on the CVT belt slightly at idle so they wouldn't always 100% disengage. For that reason this has the 2012-2022 longer spring style for smoother gear shifting, also the matching 2012+ weights that are proven to keep the RPMs at full throttle applications in the peak power band and the closest possible to the 750 v-twins peak HP RPM which is 6750 rpms. If using this clutch on a 2005-2011 BF750 the oem 2012-2022 CVT belt oem part number 59011-0019 is a optional upgrade that is recommended but not required.

We have spent a good amount of time testing and revising these clutches before selling them to make sure they have smooth and responsive performance on Brute Force 750.

Replaces the following part numbers: 49093-0040, 49093-0022, 49093-0068, 49093-0014, 49093-0028, and 49093-0064.

GUARANTEE: 1-year warranty backed by Harveys ATV Parts.

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