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Can Am Maverick Trail Exhaust

Can Am Maverick Trail Exhaust

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Like all of our exhausts, each one is hand crafted for each machine with an in-house, custom made muffler.

  • Most powersports exhaust manufacturers buy mufflers from China and tack on pipes and hangers to make them fit. By manufacturing our own exhaust in the USA, it allows us to tune the exhaust note as well as maintain OEM-like fitment, but with much higher quality materials.

  • Our slip-on exhaust is only a few decibels louder than stock, but with a deep V-twin sound.

  • OEM spark arrestor is maintained.

Build Your Own Exhaust Setup!

We know that what's right for one rider may not be right for the other, so we've made it easy for you to choose exactly what you want, when you want it. Choose all 3 exhaust components for killer performance, sound and looks or Just The Tip if you want to keep your stock muffler. Easy to add-on and upgrade at any time.


  • Magnum Slip-On Muffler: More flow = more power. Constructed of stainless steel for durability, our slip-on flows much better than stock while giving your vehicle an aggressive look and sound without being too loud.
  • Just The Tip (Large Outlet Tip): Increases air flow and reduces air restriction. The flared and tapered tip coordinates perfectly with the subtly aggressive look of our Magnum Slip-On Muffler.
  • Race Bypass Pipe: Frees up additional horsepower by replacing the OEM header pipe while substantially reducing under-hood temperatures. Shown in the main picture with the heat shield removed. Stock heat shields can be retained for stock-like appearance and heat trapping qualities.


  • Made in the USA by American Craftsman
  • 304 Stainless Steel
  • A few decibels louder than stock with a deep V-twin sound
  • Horsepower increase (maximized when coupled with EVP ECU programming)
  • Race bypass pipe reuses OEM heat shield
  • Slip-On Features EVP custom heat shield
  • Reuses OEM spark arrestor

NOTE: Currently 4 Week Build Time


Can Am Maverick Trail (2018-2019)

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