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Can Am X3 Big Turbo Manifold Blanket

Can Am X3 Big Turbo Manifold Blanket

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When it comes to making more power, heat becomes an issue that can hold you back. Turning up boost pressure or upgrading to a bigger turbo will result in additional heat. This is due to the turbocharger generating more energy which is a direct translation to higher heat levels. To combat this issue, Agency Power has released a turbo/manifold blanket for your Agency Power upgraded turbo on your Polaris RZR XP Turbo!

Containing the heat produced by your turbocharger can pose many benefits. Your turbocharger will increase efficiency by isolating the heat to the hot side. This will keep heat away from the compressor side which results in cooler intake air temperatures (IAT). Reducing the IAT will correspond to extra horsepower. Additionally, having the heat dispersed through the turbo blanket will reduce the overall engine bay temperature up to 60-percent.

The blanket consists of pulverized volcanic lava rock woven into a tight weave that can withstand a whopping 1800°F of direct heat and 2500°F of radiant heat. The inner insulation layer is constructed from extreme conditions calcium magnesium silicate wool. To tie everything together, a fine weave steel mesh conjoins all the materials to provide ultimate heat containment.


Fit's Agency Power big turbo upgrade
Reduces the overall engine bay temperature by 60-percent
Can withstand 1800°F of direct heat and 2500°F of radiant heat
The outer layer is constructed from pulverized volcanic lava rock
Inner layer features calcium magnesium silicate wool
Isolates heat from the compressor side
Lowers the intake air temperature significantly
Hand-crafted in the USA!
One-year warranty

Can Am Maverick X3

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