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Mud Guard Fit Honda Talon 1000R/ 1000X ( 3 pcs )

Mud Guard Fit Honda Talon 1000R/ 1000X ( 3 pcs )

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More Protection

Our front dust guard covers a wider area to protect both the driver and passengers from mud and dust, unlike the initially equipped one that only protects the driver's side. And two rear mudguards can cover the large holes in front of the rear wheels, which allow mud and dust to enter and that is extremely difficult to clean.

Friendly Design

Mud, water, and dust are not easy to accumulate with a friendly texture on the surface.

Upgraded Material

Made of high-quality PVC material. Corrosion resistance, impact resistance, and not easy to break.

Easy To Mount

No need for drilling. All installation accessories are included in the package.

SKU: B0103-00501BK

Honda Talon 1000R: 2019-2022
Honda Talon 1000X: 2019-2022
Honda Talon 1000X-4: 2019-2022

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