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Polaris General 1000 (2018-2019) Driveline Prop Shaft

Polaris General 1000 (2018-2019) Driveline Prop Shaft

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All Balls Racing Stealth drive prop shafts are dynamically balanced to reduce noise, vibration and lengthen the time between servicing. These fully assembled prop shafts feature phased pairs that include a carrier bearing or a one-piece design to reduce cost, ease assembly, and provide a complete ready-to-install repair solution right out of the box.


Balanced and phased as complete two-piece (where applicable) assemblies by the manufacturer
The complete driveline is balanced to reduce noise and vibration, while extending its life
Including the carrier bearing reduces cost, eases assembly, and provides a complete ready to install driveline
Greaseable U-joints allow maintenance of the drive shaft
Designed with the same dimensions as an OEM drive shaft for guaranteed fitment

(1) 2-Piece U-joint driveshaft
(1) Roll pin

Polaris General 1000 (2018-2019)

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