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RZR 900 & S (2015+) PRIMARY CLUTCH

RZR 900 & S (2015+) PRIMARY CLUTCH

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Mother Clutcher aftermarket clutch made as an OE style Polaris primary (aka drive) clutch, made specific for ALL 2015+ RZR 900 models including RZR 900-S, 900-4 and 900-Trail.

This is the non-EBS primary that came on many years of RZR 900-S. Most of the slow down you feel when let off the gas between 5-20 mph on your RZR 900 comes from the secondary helix. If you have a good primary clutch already and your goal is to cut back on EBS then we recommend trying this reduced EBS secondary clutch first.

This clutch does get rid of rough/jerky take-off problems the original clutches had! It also stopped my 900 from making some of the clicking/popping sounds on deceleration and coasting!

This clutch is made and pre-tuned just for RZR 900, unlike other aftermarket ones. This comes correct for ready to bolt on and ride with weights and spring already in it! I have spent a good amount of time testing and revising these clutches before selling them to make sure they have smooth and responsive performance on RZR 900.

FITMENT: FITS ALL PACKAGES OF 2015 and up RZR 900 (including RZR 900 -S, 900-4, and 900-Trail). Manufacturer Part Number: replaces 1323283 1323308 1323130

GUARANTEE: 1-year warranty backed by Harveys ATV Parts.

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