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Seizmik Windshield Versa-Fold (Hard Poly) Polaris Mid-Size Pro-Fit Ranger

Seizmik Windshield Versa-Fold (Hard Poly) Polaris Mid-Size Pro-Fit Ranger

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A full windshield can be great in cold or rainy weather, this is where the Versa-Fold Windshield by Seizmik shines; this windshield allows a cool breeze on nice days.

The Versa-Fold Windshield is a fully folding windshield that seals as well as any full windshield with its perimeter seal design leaving no gap between the windshield and roof.


The best and only folding windshield design with a full perimeter seal design (No-Gap between windshield and roof)
Seals as good as any full windshield
Automotive-grade high deflection bulb gasket around entire windshield perimeter ensures best in class seal
Top folds against the bottom, nothing contacts the hood
Quickly release/secure upper windshield section with a simple twist of 2 composite levers – no tools required
Top windshield held in folded position securely and easily with 2 heavy-duty captive rubber plugs
Mechanically attached UV protected transparent hinge is durable and replaceable
Trailerable to 65mph when ‘folded down’ The Seizmik Versa-Fold Windshield quickly converts from a full to half (folded) windshield with a quick flip of two composite levers. When folded, the top windshield is held secure with 2 heavy duty captive rubber plugs. The UV protected clear hinge is both durable and replaceable.

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