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Seizmik Windshield Versa-Vent (Scratch Resistant Poly) Honda Pioneer 1000

Seizmik Windshield Versa-Vent (Scratch Resistant Poly) Honda Pioneer 1000

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Seizmik’s Versa-Vent windshield not only controls the amount and direction of airflow there is a defog mode. No other windshield offers all these features.

The vent is made of glass-filled nylon, so it’s incredibly durable. The scoop on the front gathers up air off the hood and re-directs it to inside the vehicle so even at very slow speeds there is a surprising amount of air that can come through the vent.

The design of the scoop and the gasket between it and the windshield keeps precipitation out while still allowing airflow in—as much or as little as either the driver or passenger desires.

Windshield material made from 2-side scratch-resistant polycarbonate
Innovative windshield vents: Made of super-durable glass-filled nylon
Designed with built-in defogging vents
Gasket sealed against water intrusion
Fully adjustable easy-to-use louver for variable airflow
Two vents per windshield Super strong, low profile glass-filled nylon clamps do not interfere with other accessories
Automotive-grade high deflection bulb gasket around the perimeter of the windshield
Works with most roofs*
Works with SEIZMIK® accessories: mirrors, light bars, etc. Trailerable to 65mph
*Requires factory header panel for windshield installation

Seizmik's Versa-Vent Windshield comes equipped with two cleverly designed vents that let the driver control the amount and direction of airflow into the cab. The windshield also features a defog mode that directs outside air onto the inside surface of the windshield to help prevent fogging.

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