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Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors for Yamaha Wolverine X4/SE 2018-2020

Soft Cab Enclosure Upper Doors for Yamaha Wolverine X4/SE 2018-2020

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Durable & Clear Vision

Kemimoto soft cab enclosure is made of water-resistant PVC cloth and PVC transparent film, which are strong enough to withstand rough weather. Tips for PVC material: When you receive the UTV soft upper doors, you can blow them with a hairdryer if they are wrinkled because the hot air can straighten the PVC material again.

Wide Range of Uses

Kemimoto windshield soft upper door kit can protect you from all weather in all seasons. What's more, you can enjoy the fresh air by unzipping the zipper to the lower corner of the soft door.

Easy Entry and Exit

Kemimoto soft transparent soft window with durable zippered design makes getting in and out of the car easier. The reflective straps make it easier to locate the zippers at night.

No Drilling Need

With kemimoto soft wind doors, you just need to fasten the magic straps to the car roll bar and the Installation is finished within minutes.

SKU: B0110-10601BK

Yamaha Wolverine X4/SE: 2018-2020.

1.If the PVC transparent film is wrinkled, hot air or sunlight can make the film flat.
2.The low temperature resistance of PVC transparent film is about -10°
3.You can even combine them with the windshield and roof for a full cockpit experience.
4.Not compatible with Racing Side Mirrors.

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