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Mother Clutcher aftermarket primary & secondary clutch + primary clutch puller made as a OE style upgrade for ALL packages of 1996-2014 Polaris Sportsman 500.

Many years had a different secondary and no bearing in the primary, this upgrades both sides to 2006-2013 EBS style setup!

The primary clutch looks almost identical to stock, but this one is upgraded from no bearing in the center to a 1 way bearing for slightly stronger engine breaking and smoother gear shifting.

The secondary is upgraded to the Tied style with a removable helix in the rear so it's more serviceable / no longer disposable and also has smooth but noticeable engine baking when let off the gas under 20 mph.

We have spent a good amount of time testing and revising these clutches before selling them to make sure they have smooth and responsive performance on Sportsman 500 all years. If your machine was a non-ebs is a noticeable upgrade!

Comea ready to bolt on and ride with weights and spring already in it!

These clutches have been upgraded again in 2021 and now included premium rollers, buttons and shafts standard.

New belt is optional but recommended to switch to an oem 3211113 belt or aftermarket equivalent of that part number.

*This is the EBS upgrade package, meaning It has a one-way bearing which adds not only smoother shifting but also works with the included EBS secondary to provide smooth but noticeable engine braking when let off throttle between 0-15 mph. You will feel that upgrade that it helps you slow down a little when you let off the gas which equals less wear on your brakes.

GUARANTEE: 1-year warranty backed by Harveys ATV Parts.

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