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UTV Bed Liner Mat For Pioneer 1000 1000-6

UTV Bed Liner Mat For Pioneer 1000 1000-6

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Great Protection to Bed

The rear cargo bed line mat is to protect the bed of the UTV from damage caused by heavy or sharp cargo. It can withstand the weight and pressure of the cargo and prevent it from causing scratches, dents, or other damages to the bed during transport. What’s more, UTV bed liner mat provides a layer of protection against harsh weather conditions, such as extreme temperatures, UV rays, and moisture, ensuring that your UTV bed remains in pristine condition.

Unique Texture Design

Compared with others, our cargo bed mat comes with texture design. Both front and back side are textured with many strips. The texture design provides excellent grip and traction, which prevents cargo from slipping and sliding around during transport. The rugged surface helps to keep the cargo in place and protects it from damage. And these unique patterns also add a distinctive and stylish look to your ride.

TPE Material

The 1000 1000-6 rear cargo bed mat is made of high quality TPE material which is known for its excellent elasticity, flexibility, and durability. It can withstand extreme temperatures. It is also resistant to chemicals, oils, and other types of fluids that may be present in the UTV bed, ensuring that the bed liner mat remains in good condition over time, even with regular exposure to these types of substances.

Easy to Clean

Our UTV bed liner mat is also easy to clean and maintain, simply wipe it down with a damp cloth or hose it off for a quick and easy clean. The material of cargo mat is resistant to stains, oil, and grease, so any spills or debris can be easily wiped away without leaving any residue. It is easy to install and remove, making it a convenient and practical choice for any UTV owner.

SKU: B0107-02901BK

Compatible with Pioneer 1000 & 1000-6 2016-2023

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