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UTV CVT Drive Belt for Polaris Ranger 570/900 XP/Crew 900

UTV CVT Drive Belt for Polaris Ranger 570/900 XP/Crew 900

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This clutch belt is upgraded to 5-layer materials: nylon tooth surface on both the inner and outer sides, double-layer thick chloroprene rubber, and aramid yarn. Designed to resist wear and tear to withstand the rigors of off-road driving, belts are less likely to break or fail than other types of drive belts.


170℃ high-temperature belts help prevent belt failure and prolong the life of the utv, which means less downtime and maintenance and more time on the trail. The belts also offer improved performance and power transfer, resulting in a smoother and more efficient ride.


With a tension capacity of 45,000n, the transmission belt is less likely to break or stretch and provides stable variable speed rpm. Investing in a high-quality utv drive belt can greatly enhance your driving experience.


The clutch belt has a tooth surface made of dipped nylon elastic cloth, which allows for precise tooth pitch design and uniform wear. This design ensures that force is evenly distributed and minimizes speed loss. The precise occlusal spacing design also ensures that the belt is evenly stressed during transmission, reducing unilateral wear and extending the life of the drive belt.

SKU: B0901-05101BK

Compatible with Polaris Ranger 570: 2015-2022
Compatible with Polaris Ranger 900 XP: 2013-2019
Compatible with Polaris Ranger CREW 900: 2014-2019
Compatible with Polaris ACE 570: 2014-2017
Compatible with Polaris ACE 900: 2016
Compatible with Polaris ACE 325: 2015-2016

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